Saturday, March 10, 2012

What Does Jesus Have To Do With It?

                   What Does Jesus have to do with it?

I have played the game of attempting to live at the precious higher consciousness my India experience bestowed on me without including Jesus.  I have finally come to the conclusion that I cannot truly live without including that Presence, which always responds bringing such joy and deep peace with ((it, him).  That is, I often cannot access that Higher Consciousness without first accessing that wonderful Presence.  Then, as I climb higher, seemingly holding that now beloved hand, we ascend to equality, to friends, and then finally to One with one another and with All That Is, the Beloved of mystics

After India, Divine Peace just was.  Divine Love flowed through me to all. Many felt it profoundly. Some claimed physical healing, while most were healed and lifted within. Grace had superseded Law.  God had superseded the lower nature.  What wonder that was for years living in my retreat house away from the world! 

Yet, my Soul's path required a return .to the world, and with it a return of the ego, lower nature..  Now my daily experience was split between the bliss of Higher Consciousness and the supposed needs of the ego.  Through trial and error, I discovered the "ladder" to that familiar bliss.

  In India,  Bhakti, is the practice of worshipping one's Master as an avenue to rising above the ego, carnal nature, and achieving enlightenment. Then, though taking up the mantle of Master oneself, one retains  that Holy Place by giving all credit to the former Master, thus denying the lower consciousness its great desire to take credit for itself.  Without humility, the shadow takes control, creating misery and denying access to that Glorious Higher Self, our Unity with the Divine.

Bhakti is a way, a powerful one.  It might be yours.  You may, like me, fear that taking up a Master requires accepting the doctrine that has grown up around that one.  Or that it is simply denying the Truth that we are that which we are worshipping- an apparent contradiction.  Neither is true.  Actually,  my relationship with Jesus is simply one of being filled with that Love, and climbing it to its highest peak.  At that point, it is Spirit ( the "father" within) that informs my thought and action.

If you are on the spiritual path, but still that 7th chakra has nor opened, revealing the Infinite Mystery so many have spoken of, but which is beyond words to describe, perhaps Bhakti will take you there.  So many have "thrown the baby out with the bathwater" when rejecting organized religion, yet turn to any "guide" or teacher other than Jesus to help them on their way.   Too many, after decades, are still repeating the "right" words from the intellect, but have not yet found.  

Sooooooooooooo - "try it, you might like it".  Just a suggestion.  I honor all pure and loving paths.  But Spirit has been pushing at me for ages to at least express what wonders Bhakti has done for me.