Saturday, March 10, 2012

What Does Jesus Have To Do With It?

                   What Does Jesus have to do with it?

I have played the game of attempting to live at the precious higher consciousness my India experience bestowed on me without including Jesus.  I have finally come to the conclusion that I cannot truly live without including that Presence, which always responds bringing such joy and deep peace with ((it, him).  That is, I often cannot access that Higher Consciousness without first accessing that wonderful Presence.  Then, as I climb higher, seemingly holding that now beloved hand, we ascend to equality, to friends, and then finally to One with one another and with All That Is, the Beloved of mystics

After India, Divine Peace just was.  Divine Love flowed through me to all. Many felt it profoundly. Some claimed physical healing, while most were healed and lifted within. Grace had superseded Law.  God had superseded the lower nature.  What wonder that was for years living in my retreat house away from the world! 

Yet, my Soul's path required a return .to the world, and with it a return of the ego, lower nature..  Now my daily experience was split between the bliss of Higher Consciousness and the supposed needs of the ego.  Through trial and error, I discovered the "ladder" to that familiar bliss.

  In India,  Bhakti, is the practice of worshipping one's Master as an avenue to rising above the ego, carnal nature, and achieving enlightenment. Then, though taking up the mantle of Master oneself, one retains  that Holy Place by giving all credit to the former Master, thus denying the lower consciousness its great desire to take credit for itself.  Without humility, the shadow takes control, creating misery and denying access to that Glorious Higher Self, our Unity with the Divine.

Bhakti is a way, a powerful one.  It might be yours.  You may, like me, fear that taking up a Master requires accepting the doctrine that has grown up around that one.  Or that it is simply denying the Truth that we are that which we are worshipping- an apparent contradiction.  Neither is true.  Actually,  my relationship with Jesus is simply one of being filled with that Love, and climbing it to its highest peak.  At that point, it is Spirit ( the "father" within) that informs my thought and action.

If you are on the spiritual path, but still that 7th chakra has nor opened, revealing the Infinite Mystery so many have spoken of, but which is beyond words to describe, perhaps Bhakti will take you there.  So many have "thrown the baby out with the bathwater" when rejecting organized religion, yet turn to any "guide" or teacher other than Jesus to help them on their way.   Too many, after decades, are still repeating the "right" words from the intellect, but have not yet found.  

Sooooooooooooo - "try it, you might like it".  Just a suggestion.  I honor all pure and loving paths.  But Spirit has been pushing at me for ages to at least express what wonders Bhakti has done for me.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Throughout known history, mystics of many traditions, grasping for words to describe the truly indescribable, have embraced the metaphor, "Beloved".  For what can better describe that joyful, life transforming reunion with the divine?

Monday, April 11, 2011


What a delicious discovery!  Since prebirth until this very minute, our 5 senses have impressed  upon our brain and nervous system all of our experiences, painful, joyful, loving, brutal.  These accumulate, becoming our "glasses", that is, the way we perceive the world - and most importantly -  the way we perceive ourselves.  This is who we think we are, an accumulation of all we have experienced and thought.

The original, true me, awaits patiently ITS discovery.  We are here to AWAKEN, and when we do, as thousands over millenia have reported, we experience the false or carnal self give way to a Beauty within so incredible we reach in vain for words to describe it. 

This Self becomes our Loving Guide, our Comforter in times of distress, our highway to - God, Love, Divine Mystery, Christ Within - there is no name that can truly describe it.  It is our Ground of Being, our Center, our never failing Presence of Joy, our connectedness with All That Is.  It is our ShangriLa, the Mountaintop where all life meets as One.

Once found, we may temporarily lose touch with IT as everyday life calls to our senses, but having discovered we have an upstairs in what we formerly have thought was our one storey house,  we cannot forget the Serenity, the Completeness, the End of Suffering we have found, and now having found, we will return, bathing and healing once again in our HOME.

The mystic arms of all religions have offered powerful directives to all yearning to be free.  There are variations, but all meet at Mountaintop, declaring LOVE IS THE ANSWER.

In later posts, I will share my own journey of awakening, with one purpose, that others will be served as they reach for the Greater Life.   As each pilgrim finds peace within him/her self, another glorious step toward world peace has been made.

Until then,  Namaste'  (I salute the Divine Self within you)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

"A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds" Ralph Waldo Emerson

I notice,  as I observe my thoughts, that not only am I both Christian and Hindu (and others), but also Liberal and Conservative.  (And mostly Independent).

By this, do I mean that I cannot come to a conclusion, or take a strong stand on my beliefs?  Not at all!  It means simply that I find myself capable of seeing and understanding both sides of an issue, be it political, theological or relational.

Though I may feel strongly that one view best serves the Higher Purpose, it doesn't separate me in my mind and heart from those espousing the opposite.  I may react at first and have to wrestle with that lower mind, but soon, as I sincerely will it so, Spirit, or the Higher Mind, takes the field, and I am able to see the integrity and innocence within those holding what I deem a mistaken conclusion.

What is more, my conclusion may prove to be the mistaken one.  If convinced, I will reverse my stand.

From the depths of my soul, I am reminded:   my "enemy" is just as much God's Beloved Child as I am.   With this,  Divine Love floods my Soul and, as I am enfolded once again in that One Love, I am enabled to hold all humankind in that Oneness, thus adding my spark of God to the millions of others who place Peace On Earth as more important than being "right".

Namaste' (I salute the God within you) (or the Christ, the Spirit, the Holiness, the Light or whatever designation is deeply true for you).

We are truly One with the One.  What joy!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Life's Little Truths - With Giant Results

. . .with giant results in reference to spirit and its Absolute Peace, Love, Joy, Wisdom

It is in moments when we forget ourselves that we are most truly ourselves.  And in being ourselves,  Joy is immediate.

Giving it away, I have it.
Trying to get it, I lose it.
To have all, give all
To have a lot, give a lot
To have a little, give a little.
"For in the measure that you measure out,
it shall be measured back to you"

The Mastery state emerges directly from surrender.  Mastery is not the ability to manipulate the world at will through mental machinations, though this may be a step.  Mastery, true Mastery, just IS;  it is a state of Be-ing-ness that is found to be present after one "drops through the cracks" of letting go of control - total release of control - and emerges on the other side as One With God.

When we fail our most treasured steps on the way, and we all will, immediately forgive yourself and others, make amends if called for, and go on your way, free.  There is NO unforgiving God.  That part is up to us.

LOVE is the answer.

Thoughts, anyone?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Beginning Thoughts

I offer this blog as a venue for myself and others to express freely our deepest spiritual beliefs and experiences, with the hope and purpose of uplifting others as they seek Truth, and of adding to the peace and love of the world. All I ask of those who may want to post is that we do so always with love and respect.

We live in a time when many millions of us are awakening to the realization of a Unity beyond our apparent separateness.  Throughout the ages, those who have plunged deeply into prayer or meditation have emerged to report experiencing a Love, a Wholeness beyond adequate human expression. The dogma and doctrines they may have held matter not..  At mountaintop consciousness, there are no differences.  All is Love.

As I write this, Japan is struggling to recover from a horrendous disaster, the Mideast is awakening  to claim its independence, wars rage on, people are suffering.  We have strayed far from our unified peaceful self.

Each of us has a choice. Add a clear pure drop into the inky blackness, or join in increasing it.  Our combined thoughts of peace create a powerful surge of healing or, conversely contribute to the suffering.  I am not the first to say it, but it bears repeating:  thoughts are things.  Now, even science is joining the mystics in realizing that thoughts do manifest their counterpart in the world.

We live at many levels, and I will be writing about those.  But for now, the powerful level of thought is uppermost in my heart.  I invite us all to hold for Japan the thought of rapid recovery and for the Mideast and all this troubled world, let us envision mutual understanding and reconciliation.

 May there be peace in your heart and peace in the world.