Monday, April 11, 2011


What a delicious discovery!  Since prebirth until this very minute, our 5 senses have impressed  upon our brain and nervous system all of our experiences, painful, joyful, loving, brutal.  These accumulate, becoming our "glasses", that is, the way we perceive the world - and most importantly -  the way we perceive ourselves.  This is who we think we are, an accumulation of all we have experienced and thought.

The original, true me, awaits patiently ITS discovery.  We are here to AWAKEN, and when we do, as thousands over millenia have reported, we experience the false or carnal self give way to a Beauty within so incredible we reach in vain for words to describe it. 

This Self becomes our Loving Guide, our Comforter in times of distress, our highway to - God, Love, Divine Mystery, Christ Within - there is no name that can truly describe it.  It is our Ground of Being, our Center, our never failing Presence of Joy, our connectedness with All That Is.  It is our ShangriLa, the Mountaintop where all life meets as One.

Once found, we may temporarily lose touch with IT as everyday life calls to our senses, but having discovered we have an upstairs in what we formerly have thought was our one storey house,  we cannot forget the Serenity, the Completeness, the End of Suffering we have found, and now having found, we will return, bathing and healing once again in our HOME.

The mystic arms of all religions have offered powerful directives to all yearning to be free.  There are variations, but all meet at Mountaintop, declaring LOVE IS THE ANSWER.

In later posts, I will share my own journey of awakening, with one purpose, that others will be served as they reach for the Greater Life.   As each pilgrim finds peace within him/her self, another glorious step toward world peace has been made.

Until then,  Namaste'  (I salute the Divine Self within you)

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