Saturday, March 19, 2011

Beginning Thoughts

I offer this blog as a venue for myself and others to express freely our deepest spiritual beliefs and experiences, with the hope and purpose of uplifting others as they seek Truth, and of adding to the peace and love of the world. All I ask of those who may want to post is that we do so always with love and respect.

We live in a time when many millions of us are awakening to the realization of a Unity beyond our apparent separateness.  Throughout the ages, those who have plunged deeply into prayer or meditation have emerged to report experiencing a Love, a Wholeness beyond adequate human expression. The dogma and doctrines they may have held matter not..  At mountaintop consciousness, there are no differences.  All is Love.

As I write this, Japan is struggling to recover from a horrendous disaster, the Mideast is awakening  to claim its independence, wars rage on, people are suffering.  We have strayed far from our unified peaceful self.

Each of us has a choice. Add a clear pure drop into the inky blackness, or join in increasing it.  Our combined thoughts of peace create a powerful surge of healing or, conversely contribute to the suffering.  I am not the first to say it, but it bears repeating:  thoughts are things.  Now, even science is joining the mystics in realizing that thoughts do manifest their counterpart in the world.

We live at many levels, and I will be writing about those.  But for now, the powerful level of thought is uppermost in my heart.  I invite us all to hold for Japan the thought of rapid recovery and for the Mideast and all this troubled world, let us envision mutual understanding and reconciliation.

 May there be peace in your heart and peace in the world.


  1. you are invited to follow my blog

  2. HaPPy-HaPPy-jOy-jOy...I anticipate the unfolding and the sharing...Love So Much-Gail

  3. Wonderful thoughts...very uplifting. We forget that as well as the physical efforts to help the world (donation, volunteering, etc.) that just holding ourselves to as pure a love in thought as possible is an even more powerful help to the world.

    I will look forward to reading more. :)

  4. Namaste', Gail

    Thank you for joining my blog and for your joyful response. I'll look forward to hearing from you again as you have a beautiful consciousness to add to the energy.

    Will post again soon, as Spirit moves.

  5. Darling Raven:

    Already told you by email how much it means to me to have your support. Wonderful thoughts in your comment reflecting wonderful you.

  6. Darling Jesslyn:

    You have such a deep and wonderful spirit. I'd love to hear your thoughts, pro or con.

    Thank you for joining, and welcome

  7. Ouch-Ouch...I have had the wonderful honor of being clearly shown...our actions; be they conscious or unconscious, create karma.
    We are always clearing, clearing, becoming stronger and stronger. Be in the moment- Trust the process- have gratitude.
    Oh and I love this-
    Don't fear pressure; for pressure is what turns rough stones into diamonds.
    Know God with every drop of your hearts devotion.

  8. Don't be the author of God...
    allow God to be the author of you.

    (a perfect-joyful-unique expression)