Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Life's Little Truths - With Giant Results

. . .with giant results in reference to spirit and its Absolute Peace, Love, Joy, Wisdom

It is in moments when we forget ourselves that we are most truly ourselves.  And in being ourselves,  Joy is immediate.

Giving it away, I have it.
Trying to get it, I lose it.
To have all, give all
To have a lot, give a lot
To have a little, give a little.
"For in the measure that you measure out,
it shall be measured back to you"

The Mastery state emerges directly from surrender.  Mastery is not the ability to manipulate the world at will through mental machinations, though this may be a step.  Mastery, true Mastery, just IS;  it is a state of Be-ing-ness that is found to be present after one "drops through the cracks" of letting go of control - total release of control - and emerges on the other side as One With God.

When we fail our most treasured steps on the way, and we all will, immediately forgive yourself and others, make amends if called for, and go on your way, free.  There is NO unforgiving God.  That part is up to us.

LOVE is the answer.

Thoughts, anyone?


  1. Love is 'the answer'
    to the 'no question'
    any question
    Love is allowance and disallowance
    Love is letting go of what cannot be held-
    embrace yourself and you will know Love
    as Love knows you
    Lead and Love will follow
    follow and Love will lead
    Grow in Love
    and Love will grow in you
    One and the same
    this Love we are
    this "HU MAN" "GOD MAN"

  2. I like what you say about failing...just as we would give respect and understanding to our most beloved and their struggles, so must we be understanding of ourselves and our wanderings. It is wonderful to be on the path that is most advanced for us...and seemingly so easy once our feet are planted there. But then, in awhile, we get distracted by the physical walk itself...or by the pretty things on the side of the road.

    So, I am seeing that we must be as gentle and loving with ourselves as we would be if we took a walk with a toddler. Their attention is all over the place and they constantly must be brought back to the path. But we are not frustrated, nor angry...we lovingly guide...patiently again and again. For that toddler in us will continue to stray. To chase the shiny things and to cry about the physicalness of being entrapped in flesh. And so we get caught up in things of the world and must re-awaken yet again and again.

  3. Gail and Raven:

    Lovely, uplifting comments. Thank you